Why Adriatic credit card?

Who can use Adriatic credit card?

Intended primarily for regular clients of the bank, but also for all adults who are employed, and are able to provide the necessary means of collateral.

Persons who are not employed may get a card with a 100% personal deposit guarantee.

Additional card is issued with the consent of the account user/basic card user. The consent of the basic user is required when applying for an additional card.

How to get an Adriatic Visa credit card?

You can apply for a credit card at the ADRIATIC BANK branch

The amount of Revolving loan is determined on the assessment of the creditworthiness of the basic cardholder and the Bank shall determine the credit limit up to which cardholders (basic and additional) can use revolving credit. Revolving loan is approved by the bank in absolute amount in euros. A revolving loan account is opened for the needs of using and repaying the loan. Card usage reduces the available loan amount for all costs incurred by paying for goods and services, cash withdrawals, accrued fees, registration fees, membership fees, revolving loan interest, notice costs and other costs. By returning the spent part of the loan, the available balance is restored up to the amount approved for revolving loan.

Method of debt repayment

ADRIATIC VISA CLASSIC CREDIT operates on the principle of revolving loan. A pre-selected percentage (5% -100%) of the funds spent makes up your minimum monthly repayment obligation at the agreed interest rate. The rest of the debt is transferred to the next month, until the final repayment. You can automatically reuse the funds paid to the card, decreased for the amount of the monthly interest. If you want, you can always pay more than the minimum monthly obligation and recharge the card.

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