Product description

To all employed persons, Adriatic Bank approves a cash loan with the possibility of approving up to EUR 20,000 without guarantors, with a repayment period of up to 7 years.

Loan calculator


Monthly payment


Total repayment

Loan calculator is for information only where total repayment amount includes only interest cost. All other expenses included in the loan processing are presented within representative example.

Approval conditions

Necessary documentation

Detailed information

Cash loan
Annual nominal interest rate
6,95 % – 9,95 % (depending on the category of the loan user)
Annual effective interest rate
7,47 %
Loan processing fee (charged one-off upon loan disbursement)
Depending on the amount and maturity of the loan, the loan processing fee ranges from €7.50 to €262
Fee for inquiry in the Credit Registry of the Central Bank of Montenegro
3,00 EUR
Annual penalty interest
Nominal increased for 50%
Maturity period
Up to 84 months
Representative example
For a loan in the amount of EUR 10,000.00 and a repayment period of 84 months, an approval fee of 150 EUR and included administrative costs (two bills of exchange: € 4.00 and a fee for access to the CBCG credit register: € 3.00), nominal interest rate (NIR) is 6.95% while the effective interest rate (EIR) is 7.47%. The sum of the total loan amount and the total amount of known loan costs is EUR 12,728.39, and the monthly installment is EUR 149.65.
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