Following the latest banking trends with the intention to offer our clients high quality banking services, we have introduced e-banking, which includes the Web e-Banking application and mobile application mBanking Adriatic Montenegro. With an innovative design and easy access to all basic functions offered by a modern bank, clients have the opportunity to complete all cashless payment transactions, receive information on account changes, save time and manage finances in the simplest way.


The security of e- banking users is guaranteed by modern protection methods:

The accessed PIN is known only to the user, so it cannot be misused in case of theft or loss of the mobile device.


Account data is not stored in the mobile device, and PIN entry is protected by a variable keyboard.

Services accessed using a PIN are automatically blocked in the event of multiple consecutive incorrect PIN entries.

Biometric authentication (if supported by the device)

Service activation

In order to activate Adriatic Web Bank you should have an opened transaction account in Adriatic Bank, fill in and sign the application form which you will hand in at the branch office of Adriatic Bank. The initial login credentials for accessing the mobile and web application will be delivered to you via SMS within two working days. If you have earlier already activated your internet banking profile, you can continue using it without interruption.

Scan the QR code to access the applications and user manual

Access the applications and user manual

Fees for national and international payments for physical persons valid from 27.01.2024

Fees for domestic payments for legal entities valid from 15.08.2023.

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