For all clients who want to achieve the best relation between safety and profit, with the most favorable interest rate.

Adriatic term savings is a type of savings with limited term duration.

During the term, which ranges from 3 to over 24 months, interest is accrued to the deposit, and after the expiry of agreed term the client may withdraw the entire amount or decide to prolong the term period.

To all clients with regular incomes, who want gradually to save for their own desires fulfillment or for additional financial security, with best interest rate.

Gradual savings is savings by which you pay as much money each month as you choose when you start saving.

“Save the tip“ is a simple way to save the money during every day trade by using Visa debit card. It enables card users to transfer the difference between the bill amount and the first larger amount to another transaction account upon each purchase.




Children savings „Kolibri“ is type of a term cumulative savings. It is based on continuous payments on savings account during the term maturity. It is intended for the youngest population (up to 18 years old).

Save on time in order to ensure safe future for your children. Learn children to save!

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