Why the Adriatic Mastercard Debit Gold card?

MasterCard Premium benefits

Mastercard Travel Rewards

You can get automatic cashback when paying with your Mastercard Premium card at selected merchants and exclusive global brands. Payment can be made at the location itself or online while the cashback is made directly to your account. For more information, visit mtr.mastercardservices.com/me.

Business Lounge

As a privileged guest, Mastercard provides you with a number of benefits and services in the Sky Business Club at Vienna Airport, as well as in the business clubs at Sarajevo Airport and Nikola Tesla Airport in Belgrade. For more information, visit www.mastercard.rs.

Fast pass

As a Mastercard Premium cardholder, you have access to the Fast Pass service that allows you to travel easily and move faster at more than 70 airports around the world. Using the Mastercard Travel Experiences website or app, simply pre-book your fast-track airport screening service and get priority access to a dedicated lane that takes you directly to an available airport screening point, significantly speeding up the entire check-in process. Learn more at Mastercard Travel Experiences.

Who can use the Adriatic debit card?

Intended primarily for regular clients of the bank, but also for all adults, residents and non-residents, who can become owners of a Mastercard Debit Gold debit card by simply opening a transaction account for national payment transactions at the Bank.

Intended for everyone who wants to replace bank counters with a more modern way of managing their funds, the funds in the account are available at any time regardless of whether you are in the country or abroad, without the risk of having cash, with the possibility of its easy withdrawal.


How to get a Mastercard Debit Gold card?

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