Adriatic Bank AD Podgorica

Adriatic Bank AD Podgorica

Registered in CRPS under no: 40009471

Address: Bulevar Džordža Vašingtona no. 98


Telephone number: +38220680951

PIB: 03087158

Inscribed capital: 11,945,000 EUR

Adriatic Capital LLC (Delaware, USA) is the owner of 298.625.000 ordinary shares with voting rights, which represents 100% of total shares.

General Business Conditions

Adriatic Bank provides its clients with the widest range of banking services, executing their orders and enabling cooperation and assistance in their business.

The Bank and all its employees consistently execute clients orders, protect their interests, secrecy of transactions, services and data about the client, all in accordance with international praxis and positive laws and other regulations.

All information about Adriatic Bank’s services, both for legal entities and physical persons, can be obtained from our employees via e-mail, telephone or in person, at the Adriatic Bank’s branch.

Praises and complaints

If you want to send a prise or complaint related to business cooperation with our Bank, you can contact the employees in our branches or by phone at +382 20 680 951, as well as by e-mail at

You can send praise or complaints by filling out the following web forms:

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