3D Secure - Verified by VISA

3D Secure Verified by VISA – enables secure Internet payments by additionally verifying your identity using a one-time password sent via SMS to the phone number reported to the Bank.

3D Secure Verified by VISA is a service of secure purchase with VISA cards on the Internet at merchants who have the logo on their website Verified by VISA.

Using the service is simple and takes several steps:

After selecting the goods/services you want to pay on the website, choose payment by card and fill in the form for entering personal data, data from your Adriatic payment card and enter the payment amount

If you have entered all the data correctly, a new form with the Adriatic Bank logo should open on the next page, where you enter a one-time password received via SMS, delivered to your verified phone number

By confirming the one-time password, you are performing the final authorization of the transaction and execute the payment.

Important: The service will use the phone number defined in the SMS Agreement with a Bank or the number from account opening request. If you want to change the phone number for the 3D SECURE service, you can do so in one of the Bank’s branches or via e-mail cards@adriaticbank.com

3D Secure Verified by VISA - main advantages

Frequently Asked Questions

3D Secure one-time password is a six-digit number with a time limit, delivered by SMS to a mobile phone number verified with the Bank by the cardholder. It is used to identify users and authorize transactions made at the Internet point of sale. The password is valid for one payment only.

The service is free for all users of VISA cards issued by Adriatic Bank.

No additional registration is required. Each card is automatically activated in the 3D Secure system if there is a valid mobile phone number in the system.

Otherwise, the cardholder must contact the Bank to report the number and activate the service

If the phone number is not submited to the Bank, the service will not be enabled, which prevents the cardholder from performing transactions at merchants where 3D authentication is required.

You are obliged to report any change of mobile phone number to the Bank, otherwise you will not be able to complete the transaction, as the password will be forwarded to the wrong phone number.

It is possible to deactivate the service, after which you will not be able to make payments on Internet sites that support this service.

You can use the 3D Secure service in all Internet stores where the logo is displayed Verified By Visa. In the case of online trading on sites that do not have “3D Secure”, payment is made on the same principle as before (by entering only the data required on the merchant’s screen).

No. The authentication process works automatically, at the time of purchase, the merchant / online store / website that has support for this service, will automatically enable the service.

The purchase can be made without requiring additional 3D authentication, thus reducing the security of the purchase and increasing the risk of potential misuse.

VISA automatically recognizes your registered card number and sends information to the merchant, after which you receive a form for authentication and password entry.

In case of any problems when paying or using Your card, You can call the customer service on the back of your card or contact via e-mail cards@adriaticbank.com.

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