If you want to apply for card issuance, it is necessary that you open the transaction account for national payments
  • Cards issued by ADRATIC BANK have a validity period of 3 years
  • The validity period expires on the last day of the month/year, highlighted on the back of the card in the field “good thru (mm / yy)”
  • Immediately before card expiry, the Bank will automatically reissue the plastic with a new validity period
  • The user will be notified by SMS immediately before the card expires when and where he/she can pick up a new card
  • The payment card is delivered at the Bank’s teller where you submitted the request. The card and PIN can only be delivered to the account/card user personally.
  • Concerning cards for legal entities, in addition to the card user, card and PIN can also be taken over by company ‘s authorized person
  • The card is activated after being picked up in person.
  • You will receive all the necessary information from the officer who will deliver you the card, in accordance with the terms stipulated by the protocol.
  • The user can change the pin code at any ATM that offers this type of service, whenever he/she wants and as many times as he/she wants
  • by selecting a transaction to change the pin code, it is necessary to enter the desired pin code, and then confirm the new pin.
  • the bank will charge a fee for this service, in accordance with the valid tariffs.
  • You need to provide funds on your transaction account to which the card is linked in order to collect stipulated costs and Bank will make a payment directly from your account.
  • Concerning credit cards, Bank can make a payment by standing order, withdrawing funds from your transaction account for national payment operations.
  • Replacement of the card or pin is done at the user’s request
  • The user has to submit the application personally at the Bank’s branch office
  • Daily limits for cash withdrawal and payments are defined by daily limit profiles prescribed by the Bank.
  • When issuing a card, you select the daily limit you want. If the limit is not selected, the Bank determines the basic limit profile.
  • For subsequent changes of the limit, the user is required to submit a written request to the Bank. More details on the link
  • Loss or theft of the card, the cardholder can immediately report to the number of the duty customer center + 382 020 680 951, 24 hours a day, or to the nearest branch of Adriatic Bank
  • The card will be temporarily or permanently blocked, as the case may be
  • No later than 48 hours after the telephone blockade, the user is obliged to personally or in writing notify the Bank of the situation
  • In case of possible abuse, the user is obliged to submit a written request to the Bank to complain about the transaction.
  • The user must keep the card carefully and know where it is in any moment;
  • The card must be signed by the user;
  • The card must not be given to another person for use;
  • Before authorizing a transaction, it is mandatory to check the amount of the transaction;
  • When paying the bill, the card should not be left unattended;
  • The PIN number should be memorized and kept separate from the card;
  • The PIN number must be kept secret and must not be disclosed to third parties;
  • When entering the PIN number at the ATM or POS terminal, privacy should be preserved;
  • The number of unsuccessful PIN attempts is limited to three. Upon the third incorrect entry, the Bank shall block the card for further use. To reactivate the card, the User must contact the Bank.
  • The User must keep in mind that purchase without card presence (catalogue sales, telephone orders, purchase via internet) is risky one.
  • The User may not leave the Card as a pledge or security.

Four limits profile


ATM 500€
POS 1.000€


ATM 1.000€
POS 5.000€


ATM 2.000€
POS 10.000€


ATM 5.000€
POS 20.000€

The limit is assigned during initial card issuance.
The user selects one of the prescribed profiles in the application form.

If User does not select the limit, Bank prescribes the basic limit profile LP 1.
If User wants to change the profile limit for the card, he/she is obliged to submit a written request to the Bank.

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