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Mortgage loans are intended for those who would like to invest in their own business, refinance existing loans or simply need more cash. They can also be used for purcahsing or building a new home.

Loan calculator


Monthly payment


Total repayment

Loan calculator is for information only where total repayment amount includes only interest cost. All other expenses included in the loan processing are presented within representative example.

Conditions for loan approval

Necessary documentation

Detailed information

Mortgage loan
Annual nominal interest rate
6.95% – 8.95% (depending on the Borrower’s category)
Annual effective interest rate
Loan processing fee (charged one-off upon loan disbursement)
0,50 % – 2,00 %
Fee for data use from the CBCG credit register
3.00 EUR
Annual penalty interest
Nominal increased for 50%
Maturity period
From 6 to 120 mjeseci
Representative example
For the amount of the mortgage loan of EUR 50,000.00 and the repayment period of 120 months, the nominal interest rate (NIR) is 6.95%, while the effective interest rate (EIR) is 7.39% . In calculation of effective interest rates (EIR), nominal interest rate is included, one-time loan processing fee of 0.50% of the loan amount (EUR 250.00), fee for 2 bills of exchange (EUR 4.00), fee for inquiry into the CBCG Credit Register -RKB (EUR 3.00), the cost of a life insurance policy EUR (EUR 267.87) (The amount of the premium is paid once and depends on the client’s health condition), the cost of making a pledge statement (EUR 250), the cost of obtaining proof of ownership of real estate (5.00 EUR), the cost of registering a pledge on real estate (31.50 EUR) the cost of property insurance policy (39.40 EUR), the cost of real estate appraisal (80 EUR), (Total: 931.27 EUR). The total amount that the client should pay is 70,006.78 EUR, while the amount of the monthly annuity is 573.81 EUR. The total amount paid by the client is the sum of the principal, total interest and other fees related to the loan approval.

The amount of the life insurance policy premium is paid once and depends on the client’s health condition. The approximate age taken in the example is 40 years, gender male.

The area of the residential building taken in the example is 34m2, construction value 700 EUR per m2.
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