Why Adriatic business debit card?

Who can use Adriatic business debit card?

VISA BUSINESS debit card is intended for all business entities that have a registered activity in Montenegro, with an opened transaction account for national payments registered to the company. The card is linked to a special sub-account of your company's transaction account for national payment transactions at the Bank. The number of sub-accounts is not limited, and each sub-account can have multiple users, according to the needs of the company.

You determine the money transfers from the company's transaction account for national payments, for the benefit of each card sub-account separately, controlling in that way the level of spending for each user. If there are several card users in one sub-account, they jointly dispose of the total amount on that account, up to the amount of available funds. You can also spend and transfer money to card accounts yourself, through the web or mobile application of electronic banking ADRIATIC Bank.

How to get Adriatic Visa business debit card?

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