Branch opening Porto Montenegro - Tivat

Last night, in the beautiful Mediterranean setting of the nautical resort Porto Montenegro in Tivat, the Adriatic Bank branch was officially opened. The branch is located at the very entrance to the tourist resort and it will provide services to clients every day in week from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m., that is, on Saturdays from 8 a.m. to 1 p.m. In order to adapt the working hours to the demands of clients during the summer tourist season, the branch will provide services to clients in period from 15 May until 15 September during extended working hours from 8 a.m. to 9 p.m. on weekdays.

Within the branch there is a 24/7-hour self-service zone, with 2 ATMs machines of the latest technology, cash in/cash out, which gives clients the opportunity to make a payment or withdrawal of money at any time of the day.

The branch opening in Tivat represents the beginning of the expansion of Adriatic’s Bank network. The branch in Porto Montenegro will offer all standard banking products and services to both individuals and business, as well as investment banking services, including investment advisory.

The Head of Retail and SME Division, Nikola Marinovic, said that when opening the branch, Adriatic Bank had in mind tourism as the primary economic branch of Montenegro, and that this is one of the reasons why Tivat was chosen as a place in which the youngest bank on the Montenegrin market opens its first branch in the southern region.

“Driven by the desire to offer clients a new quality in service provision, today we are opening the branch in this beautiful location, which represents only a first step in the realization of our plan. The next step is the opening of another larger branch, in the new complex in Porto Montenegro – Boka Place, which in itself speaks for how we perceive the potential of the municipality of Tivat,” said Marinović.

The Chairman of the Board of Adriatic Bank, Djordje Lukic, said that in previous two years, the bank had done a lot to stand out in the competitive banking market as a bank that would provide speed and security to its clients.

“Indicators of Adriatic Bank’s growth are the best confirmation of that, so as the youngest bank on the Montenegrin market, where 11 commercial banks operates today we have become the bank that is in 6th place in terms of assets.” Our slogan safe and trustworthy is gaining weight every day. Financial stability based on the bank’s positive business results and liquidity indicators, which are among the highest in the system, undoubtedly confirm that we are a safe and trustworthy bank. By expanding the network of branches, we will achieve closer contact with the client and our presence in Montenegrin cities will contribute to our goal in the future, as it has been so far, to support the Montenegrin economy and population.”

We continue to be reliable partner, especially in SME which we recognize as the main drivers of the development of the national economy,” said Lukić.

As a socially responsible company, Adriatic Bank marked its entry into the Tivat market with its small contribution to the local community and for this purpose decided to donate EUR 1,500 to the Kindergarten of JPU Bambi Tivat, which was presented to the director of this institution by the President of the Bank’s Board of Directors, Djordje Lukić.

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