Adriatic gradual savings

Adriatic gradual savings

Who is it attended for:

To all citizens of Montenegro with regular incomes, who want gradual, without big waivers, to save for their own desires fulfilment or for additional financial security, with best interest rate.

“Gradual savings” is a saving during which each month you pay as much funds as you chose once you start saving.

Interest rates:

1 year

2 years

3 years

4 years

5 years





3,00 %


  • Higher interest rate

  • Mandatory monthly payments

  • Savings can be ceased after 12 months with a notice period of 31 days

  • Allowed first payment in desired amount (maximum of 50.000 EUR).

  • Payment amount: from 10 EUR monthly, by standing order

  • Interest rate: from 2,20% up to 3,00%

  • Term: from 1 to 5 years


Other conditions:

  • Extraordinary monthly incomes can be in amount for up to five times bigger than the regular chosen monthly payment, and can not be in amount bigger than 20.000,00 €;

  • Interest rate is fixed for every finished year of savings and is being calculated and attributed annually;

  • With deposit interruption interest rate set for a finished year is being calculated, and for the current year period a vista interest rate is calculated;

  • In case of delay longer than three month, savings deposit is automaticaly terminated.