Savings – Save the tip

Savings – Save the tip

„Save the tip“ is simple way to save the money during every day trade by using Visa debit card. It enables to the card users that during every purchase they transfer the difference from amount of account and higher amount on the other transaction account.

Amounts can be circled to 0,50 EUR, 1,00 EUR, 2,00 or 5,00 EUR, and difference can be transferred on the account of term deposit, account of Children savings „Kolibri“, or any other transaction account to which payment card is not connected to.

The highest amount for transfer to the chosen account according to one transaction can be 0,49 EUR, 0,99 EUR, 1,99 EUR or 4,99 EUR, and minimum amount for transfer can be 0,01 EUR.

Conditions for activating the savings

  • Transaction account of citizens for which is related Visa debit card which is used upon payments on POS terminals

  • Opened account of Adriatic gradual savings, account of children savings “Kolibri” or transaction account which is different that the account to which card is related. 

  • Changed and signed Application form

Transfer of the funds can be executed on the existing or newly opened saving account in euros.

If upon contracting the savings „Save the tip“ is opened new account of cumulative savings on which the small amounts will be transferred, in that case is not necessary the usual minimal investment of 20 EUR on saving account.

Example 1

  • You chose limit of 0,50 EUR

  • Your account is 3,20 EUR

  • With „Save the tip“ on your saving account there will be “paid“ 0,30 EUR (difference up to 3,50 EUR


Example 2

  • You chose limit of 1,00 EUR

  • Your account amounts 3,20 EUR

  • With „Save the tip“ on your saving account there will be “paid“ 0,80 EUR (difference up to 4,00 EUR)