Revolving Card

Revolving Card

“Adriatic Visa Revolving” credit card

To whom it is intended:

The card can be issued to any creditworthy, adult natural person who has an open account in the Bank over whihch he/she has a regular monthly inflows or a foreign currency account with regular inflows. It is possible to issue the card to other clients with additional collaterals.

Main advantages:

  • Using of the card is possible on network of POS terminals and ATM in the country and abroad (24 million of point of sales and over 850 thousands of ATMs over the world)

  • Using a card for online shopping

  • Using a card for shopping at point of sales at traders with a prominent Visa sign without fees and commission

  • Checking the account balance at the ATMs of the Adriatic Bank and Hipotekarna Bank


Basic information:

  • Validity period: 3 years;

  • Issuing fee: 3,00 €;

  • Membership fee for clients of the Bank: 2,50 € per month

  • Annual regular interest: 18,00%

  • Annual penalty interest: 27,00%


Other infomration:

  • The amount of the Revolving loan is determined on the basis of the credit rating of the basic card user, the Bank determines the credit limit to which the card's users (basic and additional) can use a revolving loan. The Bank approves revolving loan in absolute amount in euros. For the purpose of using and repaying the loan, a revolving loan account is opened. Using of the card reduces the available loan amount for all costs incurred for payment of goods and services, cash withdrawal, fees charged, subscription fees, monthly fees, interest on revolving credit, costs of warnings and other expenses, and by returning the used part of the loan, the available balance is renewed up to the amount of approved revolving loan.

  • The amount of approved revolving loan is variable and may be subsequently reduced or increased.

  • At the moment of application for the credit card customer chooses the way of delivery of monthly statements (by mail, e-mail or at tellers).

  • Minimum annuity amount - The bank allows the client to repay the used amount of the credit limit deferred, by transferring part of the debt into the next month. When issuing a card, the client chooses the minimum amount of monthly repayment of the used amount; the same can be from 5% - 100% of the total debt.

  • Debt collection is done through a permanent payment order.

  • The card may be used exclusively by the person whose name is on the card, until the expiration date marked on its front.

  • An additional card is issued with the consent of the account owner / base card holder. When submitting a request for an additional card, the basic user's consent is required.