• For all employees and pensioners.

  • Age: minimum 18 years. 

The product is intended for customers who receive a monthly salary through the account of Adriatic Bank. The use of funds is non purpose. The maximum amount of overdraft is 3 monthly salary. The contract is concluded for a period of 12 months with the possibility of automatic renewal. Loan repayment will be automatically made from the beneficiary’s transaction account at the time of receipt of the beneficiary’s either regular or extraordinary income.  

Approval conditions
General preconditions that an overdraft beneficiary has to meet:

  • Age: minimum 18 years.

  • An employment contract for an indefinite period or employment contract for a definite period of time where the overdraft maturity is in accordance with the expiration of the employment contract.

  • A citizen of Montenegro or non-resident with permanent employment in Montenegro.

  • The client is receiving salary or pension through Adriatic Bank.  

Required documentation

  • Duly filled and signed application form for overdraft loan;

  • Verified and signed confirmation on salary;

  • Two administrative wage/salary withholding orders stamped by the employer with whom the client works (if the employer verifies them);

  • Signed consent for application in the Credit department;

  • Proof of paid fee for application in the Credit department;

  • A copy of passport or ID card with phone numbers and address (original document to be presented);

  • Bill of exchange, which can be bought at the bank counter, and the bill of exchange authorization;

  • Other documentation as necessary.

Overdraft loan

Annual nominal interest rate (NIR)

20,00 %

Commission for using data from Credit Register/Bureau of CBM

EUR 3,50

Annual penalty interest

Nominal increased by 50 %

Maturity term

Up to 12 months