Long term loan

Long term loan
  • Loan purpose: to enable clients to finance their business operation in the long term, permanent working capital.

  • Maturity: up to 60 months

  • Possibility of grace period 

Loan user:

All legal entities and entrepreneurs registered in Montenegro                 

Product price:

The interest rate and approval fee are determined on the basis of financial indicators, credit history, turnover on the account with Adriatic Bank, collateral quality and value.


  • Bills of exchange and authorization

  • Authorization of collection right

  • Pledge on movables

  • Mortgage

  • Assignment of receivables

  • Deposit (Cash collateral)

How to apply for a loan?

The SME loan application, along with the necessary documentation, should be submitted to a SME Relationship Manager. Upon the completion of the decision-making process, the SME Relationship Manager will inform the client whether the application has been approved and upon which terms and conditions.