Housing Loan

Housing Loan
  • Most convenient method of calculating interest.

  • Maturity from 6 to 120 months.

  • Even for flats under constructions without additional collateral.



Adriatic Bank housing loan is intended for the purchase of a new flat or a flat under construction, for reconstruction or adaptation of property (house or flat) with a maturity of 1 to 10 years. The amount of housing loans can be granted for a 10% higher amount compared to the amount of the purchase contract (if it does not affect the ratio of the estimated value of the mortgage assets and the amount of the requested loan). This difference can be paid directly to the client's account.
Another advantage of Adriatic Banka housing loan is approval without life insurance policies of any loan participants if the last annuity is due before the age of 65. 

Approval conditions:

  • Client has a permanent working relationship, open and active account in Adriatic Bank .

  • Client must be a person older than 18 years, and the repayment of the last annuity should be completed before the age of 67.

  • Loan amount: Minimum 15,000.00€.

  • Loan processing fee from 0.5% to 2,00%.

  • For clients under the age of 65 at the time of maturity of the final installment no life insurance policy is needed.

  • For clients whose loan is due after the age of 65, the life insurance policy is mandatory in the amount of ½ of the approved loan.

  • First rank mortgage registered on the property in favor of the Bank,

  • Property insurance policy - assigned in favor of the Bank.


Required documentation:

  • Duly filled and signed application form for overdraft loan;

  • Verified and signed confirmation on salary;

  • Two administrative wage/salary withholding orders stamped by the employer with whom the client works (if the employer verifies them);

  • Signed consent for application in the Credit department;

  • Proof of paid fee for application in the Credit department;

  • Title deed on which the lien is registered, not older than 7 days from the date of delivery of documents;

  • Property Sales Contract with clearly indicated seller’s invoice, verified at the Court/notary, if the loan is to be approved for property purchase;

  • Pro forma invoice for construction material or works if housing loan is approved for renovation;

  • A copy of passport or ID card with phone numbers and address (original document to be presented);

  • Bill of exchange, which can be bought at the bank counter, and the bill of exchange authorization;

Housing loan

Annual nominal interest rate (NIR)

Fixed: 5,95 % - 7,95 % (depending on debtor's category)

Variable: 4,95 % - 6,95 % + 6M EURIBOR (depending on debtor's category)

Loan processing fee (it is charged once during loan disbursement)

0,50 % - 2,00 %

Commission for using data from Credit Register/Bureau of CBM

EUR 3,50

Fee for premature repayment of the loan

1,00 % of loan amount that is being repaid prematurely if the period between day of premature payment and day of loan maturity from loan contract is longer than 12 months and only for amount bigger than EUR 10.000,00


0,50 % of loan amount that is being repaid prematurely if the period between day of premature payment and day of loan maturity from loan contract is not longer than 12 months and only for amount bigger than EUR 10.000,00

Annual default interest

Nominal increased by 50 %

Repayment term

Up to 120 months

Representative example

For housing loan amounting to EUR.50.000,00 EUR and repayment period of 60 months, nominal interest rate(NIR) shall amount 5, 95% while effective interest rate (EIR) shall amount 6,93%.

The calculation of the effective interest rate (EIR) includes the nominal interest rate, one-time fee for loan processing of 0.50% of the loan amount (EUR 250.00), fee for 2 bills of exchange (EUR 4.00), fee for inquiry in the Credit Register of MN (EUR 3.50), cost of life insurance policy in amount of EUR 221.26 (Premium amount is paid once and depends on the client's health condition), cost of creation a pledge statement (EUR 250), cost of obtaining the proof of ownership over real estate (EUR 5.00), the cost of inscribing a pledge on real estate (EUR 31.50), the cost of a property insurance policy (EUR 174.73), the cost of real estate evaluation (EUR 150),

(Total amount: 1.089,99 EUR).

Total amount which client shall pay is 58,792.76 EUR, while monthly annuity amounts to 961,85 EUR. Total amount which client shall pay represents sum of the principal, total interest and other fees concerning the loan approval.

•The amount of the premium of the life insurance policy is paid once and depends on the health condition of the client. The age is taken in the example where gender is male, 35 years.

•The surface of residential building taken as the example is 142 m2, with construction value of 500 EUR per m2.