Frame Loan

The credit line is a bank line of credit available to the client. This product is intended for clients who have frequent need to use various banking products. On the basis of the available credit line, the client can be granted:

  • Working capital loan

  • Investment loan

  • Guarantees

  • Letters of credit

  • Overdraft

  • VISA cards

  • Maturity: up to 36 months

  • Possibility of grace period 

Loan user:

All legal entities and entrepreneurs registered in Montenegro

Product price:

Product price is determined on the basis of economic and financial analysis of the company, credit history, turnover on the account with Adriatic Bank, collateral quality and value.


  • Bills of exchange and authorization

  • Authorization of collection right

  • Pledge on movables

  • Mortgage

  • Assignment of receivables

  • Deposit (Cash collateral)

How to apply for a credit line?

The SME loan application, along with the necessary documentation, should be submitted to a SME Relationship Manager. Upon the completion of the decision-making process, the SME Relationship Manager will inform the client whether the application has been approved and upon which terms and conditions.