Classic Card

Classic Card

“New Visa Classic” debit card

To whom is intended:

It is primarily intended for regular clients of the bank, as well as to all other adult persons (residents and non residents) who can become owners of “Adriatic VISA Classic” debit card by opening of the transaction account in the bank, regular, current or fx account.

Also, it is intended to all who want to replace tellers of the bank with more modern manner of funds disposal. Funds on the account are available in every moment, no matter if the person is in the country or abroad, without risk of having the cash, with possibility of its simple withdrawal.

Main advantages:

  • Free cash withdrawal of Adriatic Bank and Hipotekarna Bank

  • Possibility of usage of allowed overdraft

  • Using the card for purchase via internet 

  • Usage of the card for purchase at the trades with prominent Visa sign without fee and commission

  • Checking the account balance at the ATMs of Adriatic Bank and Hipotekarna Bank


Basic information

  • Validity period: 3 years

  • Issuing fee: 0,00€

  • Membership fee: 0,80 € monthly


Other information:

  • Possibility of cash withdrawal on ATMs of Adriatic Bank and Hipotekarna banka

  • Basic card user is the person who is account holder. The basic card is issued according to one regular/current account. On one basic card it can be issued more additional cards. All transactions according to using the additional VISA Electron cards are on the burden of user of basic card.

  • Additional card is issued with approval of account owner/basic card. Upon submitting the request for additional card it is necessary approval of the basic user.

  • Procedure for applying for ” Adriatic VISA Classic” debit card is very simple. It is necessary to send to the teller written request for issuing the card and declare which type of account should be used for the card.