“Adriatic Visa Business Classic” – debit card

To whom it is intended:

Visa Business Classic is an international card intended for corporate users. The card is intended for all legal entities with an open transaction account in Adriatic Bank.

Card user (legal entity) may request the issuance of one or more cards, depending on the envisaged number of users.

Visa Business Classic card is not linked to the legal entity's main transaction account, but to a sub-account where you can directly transfer the necessary funds for all transactions. Therefore, in cases of theft or misuse, funds in the client's main account are not at risk of misuse because the card account and main transaction account are separated. It can be used for payment of goods and services, as well as cash withdrawals within the defined limits at all points of sale and ATMs in the country and abroad that have a prominent VISA Card logo.

Visa Business Classic can also be used for online shopping. In this case, it is advisable to limit your transactions over websites that use the CVV standard to verify the identity of the cardholder.

Additional information:

Card user (legal entity), determines and assigns to users of additionaly issued cards a limit for each individual Visa Business Classic, in which way the complete control of business costs is achieved.

The card can be used on the network of POS terminals and ATMs, both in Montenegro and abroad, at all point of sales with Visa Card logo, which means a rich network of 24 million point of sales and over 850 thousand ATMs around the world.

Basic, as well as additional cards, have a validity period of 3 years, and after expiration are automatically extended.

Necessary documentation:

Filled application form for the issuance of Visa Business Classic.

Card using costs

Fee for issuing card

without fee

Monthly fee

2,00 EUR

Payment at POS terminal

without fee

Transactions at ATMs of Adriatic Bank and Hipotekarna Bank

0,50 % (min. 2 EUR)

Transactions at ATMs of other banks

3,5 % (min. 5 EUR)


Note: At the request of the cardholder (Legal entity), the bank shall submit a report on the transactions executed on a monthly basis, and the card user is obliged, as with other methods of payment, to submit to the company accounting receipts for paid goods or services and a slip about executed transactions.