Board of Directors

  • Fraser Marcus

    Fraser Marcus / Chairman of the Board of Directors

    Mr. Marcus is Chairman of the Board of Adriatic Bank and is Co-Managing Member of Adriatic Capital Management. He has had a 43-year career in investment banking and asset management, with over 25 years in London. Prior to Adriatic Bank, Mr. Marcus was Managing Partner, and is now an advisor to Concur Capital LLC, an agricultural-focused merchant bank and was Head of Merchant Banking and Capital Markets for the Lawrence Group, a group of private companies engaged in Agriculture, Banking, Real Estate and Industrial Services. Mr. Marcus has held senior positions in Investment Banking, Private Equity, Mergers & Acquisitions and Capital Markets at: Southeastern Asset Management, where he was Global Head of Business Development and Corporate Engagement; Lehman Brothers London, where he was head of Strategic Advisory and a member of the European Management Committee; Dartmouth Capital Partners, a London based, multi-family advisory and asset management business he founded and subsequently combined with Lehman Brothers; ING Barings London, where he was co-head of European Investment Banking; and, Salomon Brothers, both in New York and London.

  • Bassem Snaije / Member of Board of the Directors

    Mr. Snaije is also one of our experienced  Board member in Adriatic Bank that will bring strong impact. He is the Managing Partner of Cosmos Advisors, a consulting company based in Paris that provides financial advisory services to international clients. He has over 30 years of experience in investment banking and capital markets and has worked in Paris, London and New York, traveling frequently to Asia and the Middle East. His expertise lies in political economy and finance with a focus on the Middle East and emerging markets, as well as on the European Union. Mr. Snaije has held various principal roles with international financial institutions including heading HSBC’s private banking operations in MENA, leading Lehman Brothers’ MENA capital markets and European investment management arm and also Credit Agricole’s emerging markets and capital markets business globally.

  • Uzi Shaya / Member of Board of the Directors

    Mr. Shaya is a member of the Board of Directors of Adriatic Bank, and a leading consultant who advises governments, financial institutions and global commercial companies in crises management, financial inquiries and investigations and due diligence. Mr. Shaya served 25 years in high ranking positions at various Israeli intelligence services. He was the head of financial operations in the Israeli National Security Council and was responsible for combating terror financing, AML projects and implementing sanctions on countries, entities and individuals who sponsored terrorist activity.

  • Đorđe Lukić / Member of Board of the Directors

    Mr. Lukić is the CEO and a member of the Board of Directors of Adriatic Bank. He has been in Executive and Director positions for over 10 years with major banking groups. He began his career as an auditor at Deloitte & Touché where he served for several years. As a senior auditor, he oversaw financial consulting and audited various projects mainly in Southeastern Europe for Deloitte. Through positions as Director of Corporate, member of the Credit Committee, as well as Executive for Commercial Business, he led many financing projects across the region including Montenegro, in the OTP Group for over 7 years.


  • Ana Ivanović / Member of Board of the Directors