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Adriatic Web Bank

Adiatic Web Bank - Net Banking

Manage your finances from anywhere, 24 hours a day!

Following the latest banking trends with the intention to offer quality banking services to all customers, we have introduced electronic banking "Adriatic Web Bank". With the innovative design and easy access to all the basic functionalities offered by modern bank, you have the ability to exercise all non-cash payment transactions, obtain information about any account changes and other important changes in the Bank's offer, and with all that you reduce your costs, save time, and manage your finances in the simplest way.

For our clients, time and place are no longer the requirement to check balances, funds transfer and payment of all kinds of obligations.

How Adriatic Web Bank operates?

Adriatic Web Bank provides to the users, owners of the accounts in Adriatic Bank, fast, simple, comfortable and safe way of disposal with funds without waiting in line.


- Insights into the balance and any changes of the accounts and credit cards

- Perform all kinds of non-cash transactions;

- Payment of all types of accounts, due loans and credit cards;

- Create templates for quick payments;

- Review of exchange lists and other necessary information (location of branches and subsidiaries)

- Exchange transactions

How to activate services of Adriatic Web Bank?

All that is required to activate Adriatic Web Bank is to have an account in Adriatic Bank, complete and sign the application form, which you will submit in the Adriatic Bank office. All activities on your Adriatic Web Bank must be confirmed with one-time password (OTP) that will be delivered via SMS to your mobile phone. With these security measures the access your account is fully secure.

Costs – physical person

Connection to the service Adriatic Web Banka

3.00 EUR


1.00 EUR

Monthly fee


Monthly fee if used together with Adriatic Mobile Bank

1.50 EUR

Costs – legal entities

Connection to the Adriatic Web Banka service

5.00 EUR


1.00 EUR

Monthly fee

2.0 EUR

For users who already use e-banking, connection to mobile banking and PIN will not be charged